Weekly Fundamental Outlook American Session – United States and Canadian Currency Exchange

Weekly Fundamental Outlook
American Session

For progressing weekly session of foreign currency exchange, both the US and Canadian dollars are projected of minor gains against most of their major counterparts as optimistic figures are assumed in their economic indicators. Last week in the foreign exchange, the US dollar saw negative results in its trading as two major impact indicators showed worse-than-expected results in the releases last week, which affected their currency valuation. The release of the US New Home Sales showed a worse-than-expected figure of 250 thousands as compared to its prior reading of 301 thousands; this negative figure shows signs of contraction in the US housing market. Likewise, the Core Durable Goods Orders report demonstrated pessimistic results in its figure as low growth was seen ending its consensus by -0.6 percent, slowing down the US dollar in the process. However, the US Unemployment Claims saw a sharp rise in its reading ending its consensus by 382 Thousand lower than its prior figure of 387 thousands. This means that more jobs were created for the previous week as compared to the week prior. Continue reading

Locating a Forex Broker

What is important when looking for a Forex Broker?  First you must consider trade fee’s, management fee’s and what type of trading platform you will be using.   I find the most important factor is what type of automated software the site allows.  Robots in automated Forex trading are part of the business of making money, so be sure to be come familiar with them.   What type of account do you want to open?  Managed accounts will administer higher operating expenses, while managing your own account as a newbie can also create new risks. [ad code = 2]

What is a Forex Robot

What is a Forex Robot?  Forex Robots perform trades in place of their human counterparts without the emotion of the Investor.  They are automated systems that allow you to trade currencies without human error.   These Robots are designed to interface with foreign exchange trading platforms.  The software manages these trades from start to finish,  while you simply supply them the cash to perform these trades.   The trades are based on statistical data and algorithms the analyze Forex data and charts.  Finding reviews on the software available can be difficult, and this site encourages posts that rate their personal experiences.  [ad code = 2]

Trading Forex what is it?

Very few people know what trading is, especially when it comes to the world of trading Forex.  Simplicity in trading, is key.  Trading is a wager on the direction of an instrument.  Trading differs from Las Vegas type wagers, as these must come to completion.  Currency trades, however, allow the investor the freedom to cut his losses whenever he/she would like.  Forex  allows  you to trade foreign currencies against each other.  The advantage to trading Forex is that you can trade on markets 24 hours per day.  Making money on Forex is simply betting on the right currency and taking a profit as it rises verse another currency.  Studying Forex trading signals alongside Forex expert advisors is one way to pull in a steady return on your principle.  With today’s wild economic swings there has never been a better time for making money on Forex. [ad code = 2]