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As Featured On EzineArticlesWelcome to my  Forex Investment blog.   This blog was created to look at but not limit ones views on Investing in Currency.  The foreign exchange market is where currencies are traded on a twenty-four hour basis. Currencies are traded at different rates every second of the day.  Examining the changes in these rates along with currency trends and fluctuations allows us to profit from Currency trading.  Forex is the term used to describe currency trading.    Forex trading does not use a central location or place to trade currencies such as the NYSE.  Currencies are typically traded (OTC) or over the counter.  The NYSE will close as well as US currency markets, however, the currency market can still be traded overseas in markets that are just opening, allowing for 24 hr currency trades.  The 24 hour Forex market and volatility makes it a truly valuable investment choice.  Current exchange rates don’t always paint the picture in the best Forex scenario’s.  Sometimes in the exchange market there is volatility that  Forex system software can identify  as a  short term or long term investment property.  To properly trade in Forex, we will attempt to post articles here on the best possible Forex software and address the volatile Forex signals that show up in Forex charting.  You can rest assured that our articles are the top in the industry, as many are certified top ranking article basis on the net such as http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Brad_Mason_Trimas



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