Ways To Avoid Forex Trading Scams

Foreign exchange (Forex) trading is one of the most effective revenue generating and profitable form of investment nowadays, thus numerous investors and individuals are into forex and they are also very particular with forex trading scams. However, there is huge risk associated with forex trading because of the presence of forex trading scams. Why is forex trading? Why is it getting popular nowadays? What are the ways to avoid becoming a victim of forex trading scams? To know more about forex and ways of preventing becoming a victim of forex fraud, read the article below. Continue reading

Forex Hedging | How to Hedge in Forex


Currency traders who trade to protect a position that exists or will be anticipated from a poor move with foreign rates of exchange, they are known to be in Forex hedging. When Forex hedging correctly, that trader is long in a currency trade, will be able to protect oneself from any risk to the downside. If the trader is shorting their trade, they are putting themselves at a risk to the upside. Continue reading

Forex Currency Majors | Yen | USD | Euro


The currency market has remained the world’s largest and most liquid market, with trading running into trillions of dollar daily; anyone can get involved and start making money off this market, especially when trading the Yen, USD and Euro. For the newbies who are just getting started in the market, it is essential that they get acquainted with trading terminologies as their popular uses cuts across various fields. This article looks at various currency majors that investors should keenly observe. Continue reading

Profitable Trading Patterns | Stochastic Indicator


Profitable Trading Patterns with Stochastic Oscillator Indicator


The Stochastic Indicator is created to move between 0 and 100. The oversold conditions in the market are marked by low levels (areas around 0) and the high levels (areas around the 100) denote the overbought markets. When we say the market has “Overbought”, we mean the market has gone too high and is getting ready to get on its way down. An “Oversold” condition is when the market has gone so low and it is on its way back up. Continue reading

Today’s Forex Market – Forex Currency Trading

Today’s Forex Market


Our nations turmoil has led investors to lose confidence in the dollar verse other currencies. If you think about it, the best economic indicators we have can be traced back to currency fluctuations. Investors buy and hold currencies in good times, and sell in bad, to pay the bills at home. This seems to be the current movement due to our nations crisis which will force the government to make some drastic moves to stabilize the financial doings of aggressive currency fluctuations. The Euro has become week, and the fear of rising inflation through Europe has a detrimental effect on society. Japan’s Yen verse the dollar became to strong, and this had a huge effect on the exportation of goods, so both events can land problems for a countries economy. The sub prime crisis has lifted currencies to a new level of respect. The sovereign debt crisis in Europe has had an equally crushing effect on the Euro. The last 12 years have been so turbulent in these Forex markets that it’s no wonder that Forex trading platforms have become so popular amongst investors. However, with the Banks doing more and more business with Forex brokers, it’s easy to see why Investors are making the switch to trading Currencies. Continue reading