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Mirror Trading May Be For You.


Probably the hardest part of becoming involved in the live trading market is that as a human you are an emotional creature that can sometimes get caught up in the excitement of the trading environment. If this describes you then you may want to look into mirror trading as a way to remove your emotions from the equation. Continue reading

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?


It is an almost unexplainable type of money. It is a new type of electronic money. It’s already become “the defacto standard” of digital currency.

Remember how email transformed old-fashioned mail forever? Well, Bitcoin is altering money forever. Continue reading

Big Buffett bet


Big Buffett bet

In 2002 Buffett made a very public $12 billion bet against the dollar. He raised the amount to $20 billion as of January 2005, but cut back to $16.5 billion in June 2005 after losing nearly $1 billion in the first half. He closed the account in August 2008. Since Buffett made the forex trades in the name of his publicly traded company, Berkshire Hathaway, forex gains and losses were reported quarterly. Continue reading

Today’s Forex Market – Forex Currency Trading

Today’s Forex Market


Our nations turmoil has led investors to lose confidence in the dollar verse other currencies. If you think about it, the best economic indicators we have can be traced back to currency fluctuations. Investors buy and hold currencies in good times, and sell in bad, to pay the bills at home. This seems to be the current movement due to our nations crisis which will force the government to make some drastic moves to stabilize the financial doings of aggressive currency fluctuations. The Euro has become week, and the fear of rising inflation through Europe has a detrimental effect on society. Japan’s Yen verse the dollar became to strong, and this had a huge effect on the exportation of goods, so both events can land problems for a countries economy. The sub prime crisis has lifted currencies to a new level of respect. The sovereign debt crisis in Europe has had an equally crushing effect on the Euro. The last 12 years have been so turbulent in these Forex markets that it’s no wonder that Forex trading platforms have become so popular amongst investors. However, with the Banks doing more and more business with Forex brokers, it’s easy to see why Investors are making the switch to trading Currencies. Continue reading