Forex Currency Majors | Yen | USD | Euro


The currency market has remained the world’s largest and most liquid market, with trading running into trillions of dollar daily; anyone can get involved and start making money off this market, especially when trading the Yen, USD and Euro. For the newbies who are just getting started in the market, it is essential that they get acquainted with trading terminologies as their popular uses cuts across various fields. This article looks at various currency majors that investors should keenly observe. Continue reading

What is Forex?

hat is Forex?  Forex refers to ‘foreign exchange’ and is indeed currency trading. It is the world’s largest financial markets (with a daily turnover over $3 trillion), in which a nation’s currency is traded for that of another. In other words, a trader buys a currency by another one. Since the forex market has no physical location, it has chance to operate on a 24-hour basis, spanning from one zone to another; and this is indeed the most noticeable advantage of forex, as the traders can trade 24h during the 5 working days. Continue reading

Forex Market Trading – Understanding the Forex Market

Forex Market Trading – Understanding the Forex Market


Forex market trading is a derivative of the  foreign exchange. The foreign exchange market now known as the forex market or fx has not been around for many years.   It  originated in the early 1970’s when  the United States stopped using the  gold standard. When the gold standard was no longer in use the other currencies went out of control.   Prices began to fluctuate with out any forms of control. When this occurred banks again took the opportunity to buy currency low and the later sell it high.   This was the creation of the Forex Market. Continue reading

Money Prediction | How To Become Rich with Psychics



In troubled times we often rely on Money Prediction, so why not use these Psychic predictions to help us invest or learn how to become rich. Truly gifted investors still complain about the market swings, and how every financial indicator pointed to buy, when they really needed to sell, and their resulting efforts were squashed because they were missing one main variable. Money Prediction. So, with money prediction being your focus, how do we make money? First we must do a little online research, and pick an Investment source that we are interested in. There are many different options, from stocks and bonds to trading Currencies in the 24 hour Forex Market. Lets take a further look on how to become rich in these two dynamic money making areas, and use Money Prediction as our main focus. Continue reading