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The currency market has remained the world’s largest and most liquid market, with trading running into trillions of dollar daily; anyone can get involved and start making money off this market, especially when trading the Yen, USD and Euro. For the newbies who are just getting started in the market, it is essential that they get acquainted with trading terminologies as their popular uses cuts across various fields. This article looks at various currency majors that investors should keenly observe. Continue reading

Todays Forex Market – Greek Holiday

Todays Forex Market


Market Brief


Todays Forex MarketFollowing yesterday’s election during the Greece holiday, the threat of high risk was clearly “on” within the Asian markets. USD was offered overall and regional stocks rallied. Following a decent US session, the Shanghais rose 1.32%, while Hang Seng rose 1.52%. It had been yesterday’s Greek parliament election in support of the most recent EU package that was the apparent catalyst. EUR USD exchanged as much as 1.4519 from 1.4427, while USD JPY was not able to keep its gains and fell to 80.78 from 80.87. Even lately maligned goods experienced the experience a climb of $2 to the sum of $95.44bll. You will see another election today, however, this election is less uncertain than yesterdays. The aim of today’s election would be to pass the legislation required to enact yesterday’s investing cuts. Continue reading