How Does The JPY Yen To USD Effectively Affect The Global Economic Outlook

As the markets adjust to the minute by minute updates concerning the Euro, the jpy yen to usd value is affected. The US dollar was softer earlier this week due to an enormous degree of optimism by traders looking to gain higher yields in the market. Since we are all inherently optimists the markets are very ready to read optimism into the mix and the dollar has responded by strengthening slightly against the high beta currencies. Continue reading

Forex Currency Majors | Yen | USD | Euro


The currency market has remained the world’s largest and most liquid market, with trading running into trillions of dollar daily; anyone can get involved and start making money off this market, especially when trading the Yen, USD and Euro. For the newbies who are just getting started in the market, it is essential that they get acquainted with trading terminologies as their popular uses cuts across various fields. This article looks at various currency majors that investors should keenly observe. Continue reading

Forex Pips



Everyone who deals with Forex trading knows about the term Forex PIPS  which is very important for the trading. The full form of the word PIP is stands for percentage in point. And it’s a smallest price increment in Forex trading. In the Forex market the prices will be quoted to the four decimal, in which even the last forth decimal varies also the Forex market vary, which is a point in ten thousand which is the fourth decimal. Continue reading

Todays Forex Market – Greek Holiday

Todays Forex Market


Market Brief


Todays Forex MarketFollowing yesterday’s election during the Greece holiday, the threat of high risk was clearly “on” within the Asian markets. USD was offered overall and regional stocks rallied. Following a decent US session, the Shanghais rose 1.32%, while Hang Seng rose 1.52%. It had been yesterday’s Greek parliament election in support of the most recent EU package that was the apparent catalyst. EUR USD exchanged as much as 1.4519 from 1.4427, while USD JPY was not able to keep its gains and fell to 80.78 from 80.87. Even lately maligned goods experienced the experience a climb of $2 to the sum of $95.44bll. You will see another election today, however, this election is less uncertain than yesterdays. The aim of today’s election would be to pass the legislation required to enact yesterday’s investing cuts. Continue reading

Forex forecast – The week in Currency for the Euro

Forex forecast

Forex ForecastUSD – It has been another roller coaster week with quickly altering sentiment and poor economic data in the United States. The passing from the Greek confidence election provided a brief sigh of relief with poor data from China and also the Euro. Other setbacks in US unemployed claims, pressed sentiment down again. Continue reading




Commodity prices play a major role financial markets globally and impact the world economies in a significant way. Record prices in agricultural commodities, energy and metals have brought about a new aggregate demand element that enriches exporting countries’ revenues and casts a pall on trade balance in importing countries. Gold and oil prices have made records and left forecasters challenged because of the unprecedented levels that these commodities attain. As opposed to looking at these two commodities separately, an examination of their interrelationship can provide a valuable overview of the global economy, and the economy of the US in particular. Continue reading


Yield curves are snapshots of bonds yield with similar asset class and credit quality, the review ranges from a month’s maturities to about 30 years. Yield to maturity, unlike coupon interest rates, is used in the measurement of the total return received by investors as a result of holding bonds up to maturity without the consideration of whether it will pay coupon rates or not. Yield curves are almost without business risk since they are used in the measurements of bonds that are issued by national governments. Governments of countries that have robust bond markets, such as the US, usually raise funds via bond issuing with different durations to other national governments and banks. The banks then sell the bonds to pension funds, individual and institutional investors, hedge funds and other banks. Just like other IOU, the bond will promise to pay a constant stated interest rate all through the bond’s life, and then followed by a full principal once it matures. Continue reading

What Forex Tools Can Do For You?

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Currency trading is a very involved process requiring in-depth analysis of numerous factors and strategies that influence the market conditions. To help a trader through the jungle of tactics and management techniques, Forex tools like a broker account, trading charts, and MT4 EA are employed.

The MT4 EA is one of the best tools that a trader can employ. It will help the user who is skilled as a trader and the novice alike to develop and fine tune skills in currency speculation. The Expert Advisors give the user an overview of the functioning of the market without having to leave the house, as opposed to the days gone by when one had to drag themselves to the trading exchange floor. A good MT4 EA should provide the user with the latest market progress, and analysis of data from the many brokerage houses and financial institutes. It should also help the user organize strategies of investment, develop goals, and be capable of maintaining accounts of several different currencies. Finally, it should be able to provide updates of currency quotes in real-time and be able to store Continue reading

Weekly Fundamental Outlook American Session – United States and Canadian Currency Exchange

Weekly Fundamental Outlook
American Session

For progressing weekly session of foreign currency exchange, both the US and Canadian dollars are projected of minor gains against most of their major counterparts as optimistic figures are assumed in their economic indicators. Last week in the foreign exchange, the US dollar saw negative results in its trading as two major impact indicators showed worse-than-expected results in the releases last week, which affected their currency valuation. The release of the US New Home Sales showed a worse-than-expected figure of 250 thousands as compared to its prior reading of 301 thousands; this negative figure shows signs of contraction in the US housing market. Likewise, the Core Durable Goods Orders report demonstrated pessimistic results in its figure as low growth was seen ending its consensus by -0.6 percent, slowing down the US dollar in the process. However, the US Unemployment Claims saw a sharp rise in its reading ending its consensus by 382 Thousand lower than its prior figure of 387 thousands. This means that more jobs were created for the previous week as compared to the week prior. Continue reading