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Carry Trade Forex Calculator

The currency carry trade is a trading strategy in which the operator takes an amount of currency that has a relatively low interest rate and uses the funds gained to give another currency has a higher interest rate.
Thus, the trader is trying to capture the price appreciation or depreciation of a currency while benefiting from the interest spread. The benefits can be substantial, depending on the influence chosen by the operator.

Benefit Forex Calculator
This tool calculates the gain or loss of currency trading.
You just enter the price at which you will enter into the transaction, the price at which you leave and the number of units.
Then click the Calculate button and get the result expressed in base currency of the account.
Using this tool, the operator can try different trading scenarios, allowing them to project the amount of gain or loss of a potential trade may be worth it.

Pivot Points Forex Calculator

The classic formulas
Pivot = (High + Close + Low) / 3
R1 = 2 * Pivot – Low – normal operating range
S1 = 2 * Pivot – High – For the next period
R2 = Pivot + (Resistance1 – Support1) – Extreme Range Trading
S2 = Pivot – (Resistance1 – Support1)
R3 = High + 2 * (Pivot – Low)
S3 = Low – 2 * (High – Pivot)
M5 = (R2 + R3) / 2;
M4 = (R1 + R2) / 2;
M3 = (P + R1) / 2;
M2 = (P + S1) / 2;
M1 = (S1 + S2) / 2;
M0 = (S2 + S3) / 2;

Fibonacci Forex Calculator

Projections are by default from the end of the level of price movement. If you enter a price level in the “Custom Level projection” cell (which may be necessary for the calculation of the projection objectives for some), the projections in place is calculated from this custom level.
You can enter your own back and the rates of screening in the four custom fields that are available. “Calculator Reverse and back projection” for calculating the recoil or the value of the projected percentage of the price level in relation to previous price movements. May be slight differences if the test reverse setbacks and projections calculated by the Forex calculator itself – due to the rounding of price levels.


Spread Cost Forex Calculator


Have you ever wondered what the impact of trade expansion? The next tool to quantify the impact of propagation depending on your trading style. You only have to enter values ​​for the following parameters:

1.  Business activity: number of closed transactions per time period (day, week, month, year).

2.  Media. take long: the estimated average leverage.

3.  Capital account: the net asset value of your account.

4.  Past performance on equity: past performance is calculated as a percentage of their capital.

5.  Current spread: the propagation is now paying your broker.

6.  Disseminate new: the extent to compare.

After pressing the Calculate button, you get improved performance by reducing the spread.

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