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The Greek confidence election looks susceptible to pass tonight, and could create passage within the budget bill right before the final outcome of June. Although this should really be considered a knee jerk positive for the EUR, the worry is that because this allows the following tranche in the present bailout to be compensated out, it’ll slow up the emergency for pretty much any new bailout agreed by early this summer season. So ultimately we should understand the events risk from tonight’s Greek election as a relatively small one. I am concerned that getting less EU action could mean any EUR rally is short. Selling pressure will rapidly emerge most likely because the current plan including ‘voluntary’ rollovers will be viewed as being a default by rankings agencies.



The USD not effective to create any ground yesterday after initial disappointment at getting less EU action on the journey inside a vacation in a holiday in Greece, and it also progressively appears like getting less US positives will imply the USD couldn’t make anymore gains unless of course obviously there’s an apparent EUR negative event (e.g. the election confidence within the Greek government). The United States existing home sales data might be much better than expected, but this appears prone to finish up more USD negatives than positives even when it’s the situation (except within the yen) via increased market risk.


The JPY hit lots of technical targets on the crosswire yesterday and fell back from them. Clearly the BoJ does not need to visit any longer significant JPY strength, and seems being monitoring the trade-weighted index. While they’re unlikely to intervene since the Greek debt situation is ruling the wires, they are going to limit the scope for further yen strength out of this level and suggest medium term yen weakness can begin out of this level.


Modern day PSNB number will most likely be one focus for sterling (see below) with comments from Fisher today in addition a focus. Fisher certainly made an appearance dovish last time he spoke, recommending the risk of further QE, with King also speaking about weak money rise in the Mansion House speech, the worry for sterling is the fact that QE2 returns for that agenda. However, Fisher is not prone to commit themselves at this time around, so the PSNB data must be a real focus, despite the fact that trends in GBP/USD and EUR/GBP should largely depend on EUR/USD.

Spotlight – GBP/USD and fiscal discretion – There’s a Hollywood split including the united states and United kingdom on fiscal policy because the United kingdom election, while using the United kingdom decision to tighten fiscally policies while using the US decision to obstruct any fiscal contraction before the economy has returned on its feet and unemployment reaches more acceptable levels. Because the US faces the big problem within the debt ceiling its policy stance is being passed, the United kingdom will see the fruits from the policy with modern day PSNB data and future budget benefits. Clearly, the issue using the UK approach may be the effect of tight fiscal policy will weaken growth a good deal to prevent any improvement within the deficit, along with the proof of weak UK growth so far this year produces valid concerns. Modern day data gives you some clues, but even when the data does not show much improvement, destabilized growth will in all probability be described as a more compact sized with a current account deficit.


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