Are Forex Robots Better Than Manual Trading?

Ever since Casey Jones battled that machine, the question of man versus machine, or in today’s age, computer has been a hot topic of debate, and forex trading is no different, are forex robots better than manual trading? This question can be answered with the preverbal, it depends.

Again investors around the globe ask, are forex robots better than manual trading? That definitely comes down to the goal of the investor, and the amount of time that each investor has to devote to forex trading. If you as an investor can devote all of your time running the analytics and making the minute to minute decisions, and you are good at it, then you have no need for a forex robot.

These robots have a specific set of parameters; they take in all the available information and then make decisions based only on the data. No emotion, no gut feelings, no decisions made when the trader is tired, or angry, no feelings what so ever. In a perfect world every investor would trade this way, and since the forex market runs and changes twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, this is not really possible.

If you enjoy the excitement of keeping track of what is going on and you need to chase the dollar for the thrill a forex robot is not for you. If however you are only concerned with making money, then the answer to; are forex robots better than manual trading would be yes. Imagine going to bed and knowing your forex robot is going to be taking care of business till you wake up.

Take advantage of you profits with a vacation, or just a day off. A forex robot is exactly what the doctor ordered, and will be making decisions based only on the settings, no emotion. Never have to work fifteen hour days again with a forex robot, and once you have yours up and running you will have your answers to; are forex robots better than manual trading?

For some, trading is an art, for some it is simply a way to earn a living; no matter what your goal everyone can benefit from a forex robot versus manual trading. As with everything that seems too good to be true forex robots do have some limitations. These robots do not have to ability to change strategies once they have been set. It is not possible for the robots to change paths, without having their settings reset.

In the fast paced world of forex investing this is the major drawback to the use of a forex trading robot. If you are in the middle of manually trading you can shift gears much quicker and make sure you are maximizing your profits.

Are forex robots better than manual trading? Again it depends on your investment goals, if you would like to have consistent trading decisions, it is a resounding yes. However if you are looking for the thrill from making a good deal, you may want to do some more readi

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