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 Forex flash
The following quarter produced under asset management growth around Rs 30,000 for an original score of 15,500 last period. Profits have increased in the last 9 months while losses in the MTM have been steady around 100. Pre-Tax profits are 290 crore while the Rs 180 crore and PAT Rs is still floating around 100 for almost 10 months.


 Forex Flash

If we calculated the MTM loss around 100 crore this year than the profit taken from the Rs of 53.80 on the last day of 2011 would provide a showing of increase on the rupee, so reverse your position on the MTM to have marginal gains.


Returns during this quarter have varied around Rs 3,900 compared to an Rs 3200 crore previously.



 Forex Flash

The total return has varied around Rs 13000 crore against about Rs 9000 crore which was taken from the previous years figures.

So, overall, we feel quite confident about the growth in the business and the way the things are going about. The only unfortunate part is the rupee depreciating and we had to take these MTM losses.

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