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While Forex is relatively easy to get into, knowing how to avoid losing money in forex is as important as knowing how to make money in the market. Forex traders can quickly realize gains in the market, but it’s also a place where even the experienced traders can lose their shirts if they aren’t paying attention. So here are some proven ways of how you can avoid losing money in Forex.


Do your research. Read up on the markets, look into investing in some education before you start executing trades. Understanding how Forex works is the first step to successful trading. Knowledge is power. Armed with information, you can develop your trading strategy to help prevent losing money in Forex Trading, and recognize when it may be prudent to change as you gain experience.


losing money in forexUse a demo account before going live. Many Forex trading platforms offer a demo account, which allows traders to execute simulated trades without having to open an account. This not only allows you to test out your trading strategy without risking your own funds, but it also gives you an opportunity to get familiar with the software platform itself. Since trades are so time-sensitive, you don’t want to encourage losing money in Forex simply because you can’t find the “sell” button, or you don’t recall which color you set your indicators to be.


Set stop losses. Utilizing a protective stop loss whenever you enter a position is a smart way to manage your account while you’re trading. As the Forex markets are especially volatile, setting a limit on the amount of money you can risk to lose in any particular trade protects you from losing a lot of money fast if the market direction reverses quickly.


Begin with a small investment first. When you are ready to begin Forex trading with your own, real money at stake, keep your initial deposit small. Even with the research and demo account experience, sometimes when you know you’re trading with real money, emotions take over. After all, we’re all human. However, Forex trading should not be treated like gambling. A great way to lose money in forex is attempting to get rich quick.


Take good notes and learn from your mistakes. You can do this with both the demo and live accounts. Keeping track of what works and what doesn’t is an essential tool to help you fine-tune your trading strategy so you can not only avoid losing money in Forex, but also maximize your profits.


Understand the costs and fees. Take the time to understand your Forex broker’s policies regarding commissions and withdraws, for example. You’re working hard to make money, you don’t want to have to decrease your profits by being surprised with some sort of hidden fees. In addition, investigate the tax implications of your trading – it’s important to treat your Forex trading as a business, because the IRS certainly will.


In conclusion, ways to avoid losing money in Forex boil down to education, patience, and sound money management techniques.

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