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Everyone who deals with Forex trading knows about the term Forex PIPS  which is very important for the trading. The full form of the word PIP is stands for percentage in point. And it’s a smallest price increment in Forex trading. In the Forex market the prices will be quoted to the four decimal, in which even the last forth decimal varies also the Forex market vary, which is a point in ten thousand which is the fourth decimal. Continue reading

Forex Trading Strategies – Understanding the Different Sets of Strategies

Forex Trading Strategies – Understanding the Different Sets of Strategies

There is no such thing is a born trader as many might think. Trading techniques and skills are developed with time and if followed the right footsteps anyone can become an expert Forex trader. The problem that usually arises is that beginners and intermediate traders wonder where to start from. The strategies you usually get are perplexing and you might wonder where to exactly start from. In addition, if you get a handbook of Forex trading strategies you won’t be able to spot which strategies are meant for which expertise level. Hence, it is good to first know how to spot the different strategies and the level of expertise they are meant for. Continue reading

What Is MetaTrader Expert Advisor?

What Is MetaTrader Expert Advisor?

Working with the Foreign Exchange market was a thing for billionaires and established businessmen in the past. But now thanks to online brokers and their trading platforms, anyone can become a successful Forex Trader in the comforts of their own homes.

Programs written in MQL4 language that allow analysis and trade in the auto trading mode are called Expert Advisors. Using MQL4, you can create your own Expert Advisors. Continue reading

Forex Calculator

Carry Trade Forex Calculator

The currency carry trade is a trading strategy in which the operator takes an amount of currency that has a relatively low interest rate and uses the funds gained to give another currency has a higher interest rate.
Thus, the trader is trying to capture the price appreciation or depreciation of a currency while benefiting from the interest spread. The benefits can be substantial, depending on the influence chosen by the operator. Continue reading

Todays Forex Market

USD – It has been another roller coaster week in the Forex market with quickly altering sentiment and poor economic data in the United States. The passing from the Greek confidence election provided a brief sigh of relief with poor data from China and also the Euro. Other setbacks in US unemployed claims, pressed sentiment down again. Data launched today demonstrated consumer investing has suddenly gone stale in May as employment prospects lowered and rising inflation triggered the customer to scale back. Purchases were little transformed, and the poorest outcome was in June 2010. Personal earnings rose .3% for the second month and PCE deflator demonstrated inflation acquired from last year.  Continue reading