What Exactly Is The Forex Factory?

Financial trading has become very popular over the past few years. The Forex Factory is just the foreign exchange market, or basically how traders check finances from all over the globe. It features the previous, the actual and also some predictions about whether the finances will increase or decrease over the whole day. The market trades 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. So there is a lot of different ways trading could work out for you seeing as it’s an all day thing. Continue reading

How Does The JPY Yen To USD Effectively Affect The Global Economic Outlook

As the markets adjust to the minute by minute updates concerning the Euro, the jpy yen to usd value is affected. The US dollar was softer earlier this week due to an enormous degree of optimism by traders looking to gain higher yields in the market. Since we are all inherently optimists the markets are very ready to read optimism into the mix and the dollar has responded by strengthening slightly against the high beta currencies. Continue reading

The Forex TSD Forum For Investors

Forex (foreign exchange market) is a way for individuals and companies to trade currencies all over the world. A potentially lucrative business, Forex encourages global trading and investment. The Forex TSD is a forum especially for those involved in the world of Forex. The virtual gathering place offers individuals steeped in the business exclusive tips, deals, advice, and offers. Continue reading

Bitcoin Currency for Investment

Bitcoin Currency for Investment

The web currency has minted off-line riches. Our planet’s fastest-getting currency has tripled on price again. The other day, SmartMoney reported the Bitcoin had skyrocketed from an exchange rate near zero to greater than $10 within yearly, which causes it to be one of the top-returning assets of any type. On Wednesday the currency assigned $30. Continue reading

Big Buffett bet


Big Buffett bet

In 2002 Buffett made a very public $12 billion bet against the dollar. He raised the amount to $20 billion as of January 2005, but cut back to $16.5 billion in June 2005 after losing nearly $1 billion in the first half. He closed the account in August 2008. Since Buffett made the forex trades in the name of his publicly traded company, Berkshire Hathaway, forex gains and losses were reported quarterly. Continue reading

Weekly Fundamental Outlook American Session – United States and Canadian Currency Exchange

Weekly Fundamental Outlook
American Session

For progressing weekly session of foreign currency exchange, both the US and Canadian dollars are projected of minor gains against most of their major counterparts as optimistic figures are assumed in their economic indicators. Last week in the foreign exchange, the US dollar saw negative results in its trading as two major impact indicators showed worse-than-expected results in the releases last week, which affected their currency valuation. The release of the US New Home Sales showed a worse-than-expected figure of 250 thousands as compared to its prior reading of 301 thousands; this negative figure shows signs of contraction in the US housing market. Likewise, the Core Durable Goods Orders report demonstrated pessimistic results in its figure as low growth was seen ending its consensus by -0.6 percent, slowing down the US dollar in the process. However, the US Unemployment Claims saw a sharp rise in its reading ending its consensus by 382 Thousand lower than its prior figure of 387 thousands. This means that more jobs were created for the previous week as compared to the week prior. Continue reading